Taka Sensei たか先生

<About Me>

Hi, My name is Taka.

I would like to support your Japanese learning online. I have graduated “the 420 hours Japanese teacher’s training program” at WJLC in Australia. I can teach you Japanese using both Japanese and English.

My course’s syllabus hasn’t created yet, but I am teaching you guys from elementary level to upper Intermediate levels.

Even only chatting, I don’t mind. Enjoy it! When the syllabus creates, it will show up here.

Also, I will do the class based on two Japanese textbooks, 「みんなの日本語(Minna no Nihongo)」and 「Japanese for busy people」, No worries, you guys don’t have to buy it.

Anyway, welcome to my class 🤗



  • JLPT or Textbook Class
  • Speaking Class

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