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私は20年間東京と大阪で働いていました。そこでは、インターン生に日本語を教えていました。 現在、私は主人の転勤でインドに住んでいます。インドの大学生や会社員に日本語を教えています。



<About Me>

Hello! My name is Miyuki Okuma. I was working in some companies at Tokyo and Osaka for 20years.

I taught Japanese that was participating in an internship there. I am qualified as a Japanese teaching.

Now, I live in India for my husband’s job transfer and I am teaching Japanese for some Indian college students, company employees.

I love travelling and visited over 30 countries. I teach Business Japanese, manner, cultures, cooking, daily life, child care… in any case, Let’s enjoy and learn in Japanese.


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  • Speaking Class

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