Hiro Sensei ひろ先生


みなさん!こんにちは!はじめまして。 わたしの名前(なまえ)はひろこです。「Hiro先生」と呼(よ)んでください♪

沖縄県 出身(おきなわけん しゅっしん)です

オーストラリアとシンガポールに留学(りゅうがく)し、仕事(しごと)で ベトナムに 3年間 住んでいました。


会社(かいしゃ)の営業(えいぎょう) や ベトナムで 飲食店(いんしょくてん)のマネージャーを したことがあります。

日本語教師養成講座420時間  修了しました。

ベトナムの中学(ちゅうがく)と 高校(こうこう)で 日本語や日本文化を教えていました。 <わたしの授業(じゅぎょう)について>


リラックス で、 たのしい授業 です。

たくさんまちがえても だいじょうぶ です。

ZoomやGoogle Meetをつかいます。

<About Me>

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my profile :) I am Hiro, a native Japanese speaker, I am qualified to teach Japanese ( Got a Japanese Teaching Certificate )

I was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan. I have lived and studied in Australia, Singapore and Vietnam, My work experience: Sales person; Restaurant Manager in Vietnam; Teaching Japanese and culture at middle-schools and high schools in Vietnam; Online Japanese Teacher.

<My lesson styles>

★My goal is to help you find confidence and find a joy of speaking in another language to communicate with people.★

Mainly Conversational class

Relaxed and casual

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes!

Practical Japanese (Not just grammar memorization)

I will use “Zoom” or “Google Meet”

Feel free to ask me any questions and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!


  • Zero-based beginner class (in English)
  • Speaking Class (N4 and above)
  • Daily blogging service (Free for her students)
  • Speaking Lesson for two persons

Student Reviews for Hiro Sensei ひろ先生

Ericia L.

Hiro Sensei is a very cheerful and uplifting teacher! She maintains a good pace throughout the lesson while ensuring that all the content planned is covered thoroughly. I'm looking forward to more fun and engaging lessons with her!

Ethan O.

Hiro Sensei's accommodating and engaging teaching style suits a lot of Japanese learners, especially those with little to no speaking practice. She takes the time to get to know the student personally, and shapes the lesson around the learner's hobbies, interests and language goals. I always look forward to my lessons with her!

Isabella L.

I’ve been attending private lessons with Hiro-sensei and she’s the best teacher I’ve ever met! Lessons with her are never awkward or boring because she comes prepared with topics to talk about, and makes sure we focus on at least 1 or 2 specific Japanese sentence structures in each lesson. The sentence structures are applicable in real life conversations and she practices them with me in a fun manner! She also corrects my sentences/vocabulary and often allows me to attempt a sentence on my own before sharing with me the best way to phrase it. I’ll definitely recommend her to anyone who is keen to practice Japanese!

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Beginner Speaking Lesson

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