Aki Sensei あき先生


はじめまして。私の名前はあきです。 韓国とアメリカに住んでいたことがあり、外国語を学ぶことや教えることが好きです。 趣味は旅行やヨガ、登山です。いろんな国の人と話すことも好きです! みなさんのリクエストに合わせて授業をします。 私と一緒に楽しく日本語を学びましょう!

<About Me>

Hello! My name is Aki.

I have lived in Korea and US before, and I like learning and teaching foreign languages. I also like traveling, yoga, hiking mountains, and of course, talking to people around the world!

My lessons are adapted to your levels, needs and interests. If you want to learn grammar, honorifics, etc., Feel free to let me know in advance so that I can show you slides in your lesson.

Relax and enjoy learning Japanese together!

Aki-sensei also provides a Free trial lesson for her new students. For students interested, please indicate under "Messages" when booking the lesson.


  • 420 hour Japanese Language Teacher Training Course
  • Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • Japanese Language Teacher’s Examination (by JLTEC)


  • Speaking Class (N4 and above)

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