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Free Weekly Translated NHK Easy Web and NHK News

We are pleased to announce that we will be sharing professionally translated news of NHK Web Easy and NHK news for free for all Japanese learners.

Every week, we will upload a professional translation of 2 articles of different difficulty levels selected from: - NHK Web Easy (N3~N4) - NHK News (N2 and above)

You will find a list of key vocabulary terms for your reference at the bottom of every article. Dictionary definitions are retrieved from Jisho.

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Article for Week of 16th August, 2021

The articles for our very first translations for the week of 16th August 2021 are:

The best way to learn would be to read the articles by yourself first, before comparing it with the translated version. We will also be listing out key vocabulary words and their corresponding JLPT level for the Web Easy articles.


You can view the translations via this document.

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