Beginner Conversation Lessons with Hiro Sensei


Hanayoku presents Hiro Sensei’s Beginner Japanese Conversation lessons!

Specially designed such that no reading knowledge of Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji is required, watch as Hiro Sensei goes through three basic “can-dos” of basic conversations.

Content Covered:

1. How old are you: "何歳(さい)ですか?"

何歳(さい)ですか? /nan sai desu ka?/ [EN] How old are you?

(私は) 歳(さい)です. / sai desu./ [EN] (I am) ___ years old.


一歳 (1 y/o)/issai/ (ichi-sai X)
八歳 (8 y/o)/hassai/ (hachi-sai X)
十歳 (10 y/o)/juussai/ (jyuu-sai X)
二十歳 (20 y/o)/hatachi/

Where do you live: "どこに住んでいますか?"

2. どこに住んでいますか? /doko ni sunde imasu ka/

[EN] Where do you live?

[place] に住んでいます /[Place] ni sunde imasu/ [EN] I live in

A: [A] の [B] に住んでいます /[A] no [B] ni sunde imasu/ [EN] I live in [A] of [B].

3. Who is this: "これは誰ですか?"

これは誰ですか? /kore wa dare desu ka/ [EN] Who is this?

これは[person]です /kore wa desu/ [EN] This is [person]

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