Hanayoku's Discord Community

Our Discord Community

Our Discord community aims to maximise exposure to the Japanese language for language learners. This is done through two ways:

  • Daily uploads of free learning materials
  • Encouraging conversations within the community

Free learning materials include:

  • Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes for levels N3 - N5
  • Professionally translated NHK news articles for levels N1 - N4
  • List of Vocabulary for levels N1 - N4

Engagement with the community:

We encourage conversations within the community, whether that is in universal language English, or in Japanese. The aim of the Discord channel is to foster a supportive and positive environment where Japanese language learners can learn from one another by asking and answering questions, as well as sharing any Japanese-related content that may be of interest to everyone. Feel free to shoot away any questions about the Japanese language, and interact with everyone here. (^o^)/

Join the Discord community

Simply click this invitation link: Join Discord Community.

Note: The website may prompt you to download the Discord application if you don't have it - it's free!

We look forward to having you in our community! Happy learning!

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